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  • Sep 10 / 2013
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What To Expect On Holiday

SnowLittle nannies provide services seven days a week, between 9am and 5pm and can also be available for babysitting services from 5pm onwards.

Childcare takes place in your accommodation.

Before your holiday commences, a SnowLittle nanny will be in touch via email or phone to introduce themselves and become familiar with your children’s requirements and routines.

The first day is always an exciting and sometimes hectic time of the holiday, but also an important opportunity for your children to connect and play with the nanny and feel secure with them, before you leave. If it's possible we will request that your nanny arrives earlier than the arranged time so that they can have a thorough introduction to your family, but also to familiarise themselves with your accommodation.

During the day your nanny will complete a diary card for each infant/child in their care, noting their movements and activities throughout the day, including sleep times, meal information, nappy changes and any other information requested by you.

You will receive these cards at the end of each day.


Nannies are more than happy to make meals for your children in your accommodation. Please provide ingredients for meals or leave petty cash for nannies to go shopping.  Please note that some catered chalets do not allow nannies to prepare food on site.

Please indicate in advance if you will be staying in a catered chalet. You will need to personally notify the chalet of your booking with SnowLittle for in-chalet childcare. Occasionally chalets require nannies to satisfy certain requirements prior to permitting them into the chalet as child carers.  It is the family’s responsibility to communicate with their catered chalet in this respect so that nannies can satisfy all the necessary permissions in advance of the job commencing.   


Throughout the day your little ones will be having an engaging, creative and memorable experience of their own, enjoying a range of indoor and outdoor activities. These include, picnics, building snowmen and igloos, sledging, trips to the park, treasure hunts, painting, drawing, hide and seek, making play dough, making camps/dens, baking cookies or cupcakes and adventure walks in the snow, weather permitting.

Snow play training and creative packs are available to all nannies so you can be assured that little ones are being entertained indoors and out with plenty of creative inspiration and in a safe and considered manner.

We discourage nannies from watching television or DVDs with children during the day but on some days there is nothing better to do than snuggle up on the sofa for some well-deserved 'down' time.

If desired, our nannies can also take photos of your children having fun throughout the day. These will be emailed to you at the end of your stay.


Please ensure you complete your personal profile form for EACH child before the job commences. This will be emailed to you for completion as part of the booking process. Each profile will help us get to know your child/children and find the perfect nanny for them.

Please include:

Details of food allergies, likes and dislikes, personality traits, daily routines, especially feeding, sleeping, activity/game likes and dislikes, school work to be completed and any rules you expect your children to follow. (max TV time, snacking, behaviour towards siblings, language etc) Please note, for our own peace of mind, we cannot administer prescription drugs;

Ski school details (if child will be taking lessons) including the ski school name, lesson times and location;

Ski Hire shop details for rented equipment in case of any problems;

Contact numbers

Your mobile number that you can be contacted on while you are on the slopes and an emergency contact number for relatives/friends who know your children in your home country;

If you have any questions regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.