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  • Sep 03 / 2013
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SnowLittle pricesWith safety our number one priority, we have strict ratio guidelines in place to ensure that children have sufficient care at all times. Our standard ratio is one nanny for every three children. Bookings with multiple infants or children under three however, will require more than one nanny.

Our basic rate and ratio guidelines are explained below.

Standard Rates for a Seasonnaire Nanny

FULL TIME (Minimum 40 hours per week)

£10/per hour for one or two children, £1.50/per hour, for each additional child.

PART TIME (Minimum 4 consecutive hours per day)

£10/per hour for one or two children, £1.50/per hour, for each additional child.

*A full week consists of six days usually starting on the Sunday and finishing on the Friday. However, this can be adjusted to suit your needs. Peak holiday weeks are subject to 40hr minimum bookings or a supplementary fee of £10 p/day for all Part Time bookings.           Peak holiday weeks are Christmas, New Year, Half Term and Easter holidays.


Ratio Guidelines for ONE NANNY:

One infant aged 6 months or under, plus one child 3 and over.

Two infants aged 6 months or under.

Three children with combinations: two under 3yrs and one over 3yrs – or any older combination. 

Two nannies for any other combination of the nanny to child ratio.

Teacher Nannies and Professional nannies are available at an increased rate should you need or desire a higher level of childcare. For example, if your child requires schooling or tutoring on holiday our teacher nannies can provide this service.  If your child has special needs and would benefit from having a nanny experienced in caring for children with special needs and disabilities, our professional nannies can provide this service.

SnowLittle Introductory Fee

For co-ordinating your childcare needs and ensuring your peace of mind while on holiday in the mountains, SnowLittle charge an introducers fee which is calculated based on your childcare needs.

To find out the cost of booking childcare to meet your requirements please contact us for a specific quote.

Fees and Payment

We require a fee to be paid upon confirmation of the booking.

The fee will be 30-40% of the total booking amount.

The total amount payable combines both SnowLittle’s fees and the nannies’ fees for the services set out in your booking confirmation.

Additional fees may become payable to SnowLittle for family support services and to the nanny for additional nanny services requested during the holiday.  Any additional services provided to you by the nanny or SnowLittle during your holiday will be invoiced and payable separately as agreed between us. 

SnowLittle fees are payable in pounds sterling to SnowLittle’s business account as detailed in your booking confirmation.

Nanny Fees are payable as directed by your nanny either in cash (in euros) or by bank transfer (in sterling) to their nominated account.  Where nanny fees are requested in euros, the Bank of England’s spot rate on the day payment is due will determine the applicable exchange rate conversion from sterling to euro.

See our basic rates above for guidance on the total cost due or contact us for a specific quote.

Cancellation Policy

Due to the high demand for our nannies and the early booking requests from many families, we enforce a strict cancellation policy.

You may, within 7 days from receipt of a SnowLittle booking confirmation, reconsider and cancel the booking. A refund of any deposit paid will be made to you within 30 days of cancellation to your nominated bank account.